Akron Brass Zero Torque Nozzle

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$312.99 to $1,165.99


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Akron Brass Zero Torque Nozzle

The Zero Torque is also available in a conversion kit. The nozzles noted are the most popular. Call for details and specifications or send an email to sales@allhandsfire.com

The new Zero Torque™ (ZT) nozzle is the first nozzle specifically designed with ergonomics, handling, control and reduced fire fighter fatigue in mind. The ZT naturally keeps the nozzle out in front of the fire fighter to allow for easier operation and provide better control, just as firefighters are trained to do. In addition the pistol grip and inlet swivel are positioned to eliminate the reaction force torque found in all conventional pistol grip designs. Conventional pistol grip nozzles are held at a position 3 1/2" to 4" below the center line of discharge, creating a natural torque which must be resisted by the firefighter. The ZT is positioned to eliminate the torque, leaving only the straight reaction force for the firefighter to resist. Zero Torque.

Superior Handling... Superior Control... Zero Torque... Superior Fire Fighting

The ZT is available on any 1 1/2", Mid-Range, Wide-Range, and 2 1/2" Turbojet, SaberJet, or Assault nozzle.

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