Fireground Compass

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The Fireground Compass® is a self-extraction tool for disoriented firefighters and is a key component of fireground safety. The product combines a compass with rotating bezels. The first bezel is square in shape depicting the incident building. The second bezel shows the position of interest, ex: command post, exits/points of entry. The FireGround Compass is lightweight, compact and durable.

Structural fires are trending toward burning hotter and faster due to the nature of materials used for interior finishes and furnishings. In addition, larger “box” type stores and warehouses with vast interior spaces are becoming the norm across the country. For these reasons, a new tool is necessary to assist firefighters in finding their way out of harm as quickly as possible.

Halcyon Products, Inc. has developed an affordable, easy-to-use fire rescue product that can be used by all firefighters. This tool will orient firefighters at an emergency scene thereby reducing the possibility of the firefighter becoming lost, trapped, injured or killed.
  • Fireground Compass Instructions
  • Keep unit flat or level.
  • Turn light on if necessary.
  • Orient to north. Keep at this position for steps 3 and 4.
  • Per command, rotate square building bezel so that A side rests at the designated clock position.
  • Per command, rotate outer ring to show location of command post at the designated clock position, or point of entry.

All building points of the Fireground Compass are illuminated with LED lights. This allows firefighters to operate the compass in dark or smoky environments.

The Fireground Compass® Fireground Compass® is constructed with Zytel®, a super tough, high performance plastic. This material is heat resistant, chemical resistance withstands high impact and ultra chemical resistance, withstands high impact and ultra tough. The product was tested by the Department of Homeland Security at Eastern Kentucky University.

Low Tech
The FireGround Compass is a compass incorporated into a working device. The unit’s gadgetry has very few glitches or failing points giving firefighters a tool they can depend on firefighters a tool they can depend on.

The Fireground Compass® is a one hundred dollar life saving product.

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