DEUS BT73 Back-Up Belay Kit for Training

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DEUS BT73 Back-Up Belay Kit for Training

This is the ideal Back-Up Safety Belay System for:
  • Fire Academy's
  • Work At Height Training
  • Firefighter Escape Systems Training
  • Ladder Bailout Training
  • Rescue from Ladder training
  • And more...

The DEUS 7300 Back-Up Safety Belay System provides an independent back-up safety belay system that is also easy, safe and automatic. It is the ideal safety line for training with firefighter escape systems and other training scenarios.

Designed for repetitive use, this NFPA-certified system keeps a 12mm DEUS Training Belay rope active at all times, yet stays completely out of the students way.

If the students descent speed exceeds 2 meters per second, the DEUS 7300 will instantly and automatically engage to guard against free-fall. This action is a "soft engagement" to prevent shock loading and potential injury to the student.

The DEUS Back-Up Belay Kit for Training provides a whole new approach to back-up belay. The kit includes everything you need for a safe and reliable back-up to your primary rescue system during training exercises.

DEUS Back-Up Belay Training Kit is built around the DEUS 7300 controlled descent device, the no-compromise, automatic back-up belay system ensures reliable safety. Designed for repetitive use, this NFPA-certified system keeps a 12 mm DEUS Back-Up Belay rope active at all times, yet completely out of the way. No tug on the back from an improperly attended belay line. In overspeed situations, the 7300 instantly and automatically takes control to guard against free fall. The 7300 does a “soft engagement” to prevent shock load and injury.

The DEUS 7300 is easy to rig, engages automatically, limits shock load and controls descent all the way to the ground. People who use it call the 7300 “big brother” because it is always alert and ready to keep you safe. &

The DEUS Back-Up Belay Kit For Training includes the following components and quantities:
  • (1) DEUS 7300 Controlled Descent Device for Back-Up Belay, NFPA “L” certified
  • (2) #4 DEUS "O" rope terminations
  • (2) DEUS ROW G Anchor Chokers – Rope-over-wire, NFPA “G” certified anchor connector, 4 ft. lengths
  • (4) Carabiners - NFPA auto-lock steel
  • (1) DEUS Back-Up Belay kit bag - 38” x 20” x 12”, multiple pockets, replaceable water-resistant vinyl bottom

*Rope Sold Separately - DEUS 12mm Belay Rope is designed specifically for the 7300.  This is a Poly/Nylon kernmantle rope, NFPA “L” certified, price per foot. This rope is certified with this system - other manufactured ropes are not recommended.

The DEUS Back-Up Belay Kit is also available in an advanced version for Training & Rescue.

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