Draeger FRT 1000 Tracker

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Draeger FRT 1000 Tracker

When a firefighter goes missing or becomes disoriented, every second counts. The FRT Tracker gives rescuers the distance to the missing firefighter and has the capability for all fire scene personnel to participate in the search. This technology has proven to help locate the missing firefighters, find the exit and get them out. Fast!

  • Already being used in several major fire departments
  • Small and easy to use
  • Both a transmitter and receiver all in a small, lightweight unit
  • Has over 100 foot range and can see through walls, ceilings and floors
  • New motion sensing technology automatically goes into transmit if a firefighter is motionless for 60 seconds. Pre alarm goes off after 30 seconds of no motion
  • Uses a low frequency that doesn’t interfere with radio communications
  • Uses a viewable distance and sound indicators when getting closer to the disoriented firefighter
  • Is easily worn on the SCBA belt and tethered with a retractable lanyard. Works in conjunction with existing PASS devices and other accountability systems.

Perimeter Search
  • Saves crucial time during a firefighter rescue by giving the rescuer a bright, easy to read LED screen that measures the distance in meters and uses different pitch sounds the close you get to the down or disoriented firefighter
  • Small, lightweight and easy to use
  • Affordable and robust
  • Motion sensing technology
  • Exit location receiver capabilities
  • Has the capability for the entire fire scene to participate in the rescue and provide vital information.
  • Allows for multiple search applications

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