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Pike Pole

Pike Poles are fire fighting tools designed to search for unseen fires lurking behind the sheetrock in walls and ceilings. Pike Poles are also useful for providing ventilation by breaking windows and pulling items away from areas of intense heat with their hooked ends.
Pike Poles are usually composed of fiberglass or metal poles ranging between 4 and 12 feet in length, with a metal hook on one end and a D-handle on the opposite end. They are also known as "ceiling hooks" and the hook in the term "hook and ladder" refers to the hook at the end of a Pike Pole.
Additional uses for the Pike Pole include non-firefighting applications such as construction where they are used to lift walls, and water rescue where they are used to grab people or objects at a distance. The Pike Pole's original function was to destroy the walls of buildings surrounding a burning structure in order to prevent fires from spreading, and this is still the main function of the Pike Pole in modern day firefighting.

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