Swift Water Technician - Open Enrollment

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Swift Water Technician - Open Enrollment

Swift Water Rescue Technician (Advanced Line Systems Rescue) is a "Technician Level" program that covers aggressive in-water rescue actions. It is designed to train rescue personnel with in-water rescue systems that are complex. It will expose the rescuer to potentially life-threatening hazards. Further, the program will look at in-water rescue as a last resort, and the techniques, hazards, dynamics and specialized equipment to support such water rescue operations. 

Prerequisite to attend the Technician training is Swift Water Rescue Awareness and Swift Water Rescue Operations.

This class requires students to engage in strenuous hands-on in-water activities. Participants are to be physically fit and capable of fulfilling all skills in order to successfully complete this program, including strong swimming skills.  It also requires all students to have their own (or department issued) personal protective equipment. 

This program is held on a Saturday-Sunday from 8:00am to 4:00pm 
Day 1: Held at All Hands Training Center and Local Pool  (Unless otherwise specified)
Day 2: Held at Scudders Falls (Delaware River) in Ewing, NJ  (Unless otherwise specified)
NJ EMT CEUs are available 

This program meets NFPA 1670 – Standards on Operations and Training for Technical Rescue Incidents – Water Search and Rescue. 

Student Requirements:
  • Students will perform rigorous and aggressive in-water rescue skills
  • Students should be proficient in swimming, being under water and related skills
  • Students should be both mentally and physically prepared for in-water training
  • For successful completion of this program, students must show proficiency in all skills

Student Clothing & Equipment:
  • Wet or dry suit (NOTE: Cold water exposure, immersion, survival or ice rescue suit prohibited for moving water)*
  • Clothing (based on water/weather temperatures)
  • Inner layer – Silk or Polypropylene
  • Middle Layer – Wool or Polyester
  • Outer – Coated Nylon or a breathable water and wind proof fabric (optional)
  • Customized Type III or Type V Personal Flotation Device (PFD) with (knife, whistle, two locking carabiners)*
  • Water rescue helmet (thermal liner optional)*
  • River shoes or boots*
  • Throw Bag with Rope (70' minimum - 1 per 2 students)*
  • Gloves (neoprene), Socks (synthetic or wool blend/neoprene)*
  • Swim suit and towel*
  • Straps for glasses (if needed)
  • Fluids (water or sports drink)
  • High energy food
  • Sun screen (SPF 15 minimum recommended)
  • Personal items (first aid kit, medications, personal hygiene supplies)
* Required

>  For cancellations, 72 hours notice must be provided in order to receive a full refund.
>  Hands-on classes may be physically and mentally demanding. Students must be prepared to complete all skills.
>  All students will be required to sign a hold-harmless / assumption of risk waiver.
>  For some hands-on classes, students may be required to have/use their PPE, SCBA and other equipment.
>  Terms and conditions for these classes apply.

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