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Fireground Rope Rescue Lowering System

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Fireground Rope Rescue Lowering System

After years of research, the New York City Fire Department in 2020 is evolving into a new Life Saving Rope System (LSR).  The LSR system is used for top-down rope rescues in which firefighters are lowered to rescue civilians or firefighters who may be trapped at an upper floor window during a working fire emergency.  

This kit features Sterling Rope, Inc.'s 100% Technora rope called the H3 Tech25.  This is 1/2" rope with superior heat and abrasion resistance with a sewn-in Gemtor, Inc. Kevlar shock pack at the rescuer end.  This rope also includes a sewn eye termination at the rope anchor end and black markers at every meter.  

The system also includes a Petzl I'D control descent device with AUXILIARY OPEN BRAKE and three VULCAN steel carabiners with CAPITV position bars.  

The Gemtor shock pack is designed and tested two person (600 lbs. load).  The main strength component is made of Kevlar and the cover is made of PBI/Matrix/Gemini.  The energy absorbing component is made of polyester.   

In addition to these superior products, the system comes with a ARS carry bag and rope edge protector.   

Here is a breakdown of the Life Saving Rope System Kit:   
  • (1) Sterling ½” H3Tech125 FDNY KLSR with Gemtor Shock Pack and black markers every meter with sewn loops at each end.  The rope length is 125-feet.  
  • (1) Sterling Rope SafeGuard Rope Protector
  • (1) Petzl I’D L self-braking descender with anti-panic function (Red)
  • (1) Petzl AUXILIARY OPEN BRAKE for I'D 
  • (3) Petzl VULVAN Carabiner with TRIACT self-closing and self-clocking gates 
  • (10 Pack) CAPTIV Positioning Bar for Connectors
  • (1) ARS Fireground Special Operations (FSO) Rope Bag

Important Note:  The H3 Tech125 is an ultra static rope with very little stretch or energy absorption characteristics compared to nylon or polyester low-stretch rope.  Great care must be used with this ultra-static rope to limit dynamic loading. 

This kit does NOT ship assembled.  It is the customer's responsibility to assemble this kit to create the system.  It is highly recommended that the person assembling this kit be a competent person. 

For use of rope and all products in this system, please follow manufacturer recommendations and standards that apply. 

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