Draeger X-Dock Combination Package - 1 X-am Station & 1 PAC Station

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Draeger X-Dock Combination Package - 1 X-am & 1 PAC Station

Dräger X-dock® 6300 Calibration Station Package
Contains 1 X-am Docking Station & 1 PAC Docking Station
To build the same package yourself would cost over $5,500! 
* Detectors not included.

  • Touchscreen operation at the master controller station
  • Up to three configurable test routines
  • Automatic permeability tests
  • Automatic tests of all alarm elements (acoustic, visual and vibration alarms)
  • Optional charging function for X-am 1/2/5x00
  • Easy to replace seal cartridge
  • 12V operation (e.g., in vehicles) available
  • Sensor performance testing

Consists of a master controller with ports for 3 gases, power supply with two instrument modules for one Dräger PAC 3500 / 5500 / 7000 & one Dräger X-am 1000 / 2000 / 5000

Gas Cylinder Regulators are sold separately

There are many varieties of X-dock configurations available. This X-dock 6300 Package includes a master station, one docking station for the X-am series meters & one docking station for the PAC series meters. The X-dock doesn't require setup, it is configured and ready to use right out of the box.

Simple operation requires insertion of the device and closing of the lid the indicator turns "green“ and then it's ready to be removed yes the test with the X-dock is really that simple. All sensor combinations are immediately detected. Additionally the X-dock automated testing self-adjusts when all required test gases are connected. totally independent station doesn't require a computer to be configured. The touchscreen integration keeps operation simple. A gas detection instrument is detected as soon as it is inserted, and all data is documented in the database.

The X-dock Manager software produces a detailed evaluation of the data in the calibration system and gas detection instruments, and presents the information in various graphics and statistical models – providing you with a comprehensive overview of all results. Multiple X-dock systems can be connected in a network giving all users access to data in a central database.

With a reduced gas flow (300 mL/min instead of 500 mL/min) per module, you save costs on test gases. Short testing times reduce the overall maintenance efforts. The valve concept (patent pending) requires one pump only, resulting in the need for less wear and tear parts. The valves automatically switch the test gases and – when connected – the compressed air as well.

* Detectors NOT included

Standard 4 Gas Calibration Cylinder: #4594655

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