Hot Stop "L" Fire Containment Bag for Tablets - Zipper

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Hot Stop "L" Fire Containment Bag for Tablets - Zipper

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Fire Containment ideally sized for tablet computers.
Includes: Aluminized Glastemp Shell Gloves & Fire Containment Bag
  • Bag is 15” x 15” x 3/4”
  • Weight: 5 lbs (including gloves)
  • Proven Performance
  • Battery Explosion Containment
  • Smoke Release Reduction
  • Customize sizes available

Fire Safety Gloves (14”):
  • Aluminized Glastemp® Shell
  • Base fabric has a 1000° F melting point
  • Suede reinforced palm for better grip
  • Fleece lined hand area
  • Cotton fabric lined gauntlet
  • Kevlar stitching

This Fire Containment bag can control a fire caused by faulty batteries, or electrics in items such as cell phones or laptops, when the use of water or a fire extinguisher is not going to work. The FAA identified the issue of Lithium Ion batteries catching fire and being a risk to flights, this Fire Containment Bag was developed as a solution. Various methods of dealing with fires caused by faulty electronic devices have been explored. Methods tested include halon extinguishers, water dousing, wrapping in a blanket and dousing with water. When a battery is at ignition point it can be difficult to prevent a fire. On a flight it's crucial to get the situation under control immediately or passengers and plane are at risk.

The Hot-Stop ‘L’ Fire Containment bag was tested twice at the FAA Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ. The most recent test was performed in May of 2008. The live fire photos shown here were captured from video footage of the test.

Adding the Hot-Stop ‘L’ Fire Containment Bag to your fire safety program is a safe and simple way to control potentially uncontrollable situations.

How does the bag close?
  • Once the item is placed in the bag and the hook and loop is exposed for closure by pulling the large red tag.
Where and how should the bag be stored?
  • The gloves fit inside the bag and its recommended that the bag be stored unfolded.
How hot does the outside of the bag get and where should it be placed when in use?
  • The outside temperature may reach a maximum of 140° - 150° F and could be placed in the sink or anywhere away from passengers.

Beware of Knock Offs!
It has come to our attention several products are out there that appear to be a direct knockoff of the Hot Stop "L" Fire Containment Bag for Tablets. One shows their bag being tested with fireworks, which makes for exciting jumping bags but last I checked you can not fly with fireworks. Hot Stop "L" Fire Containment Bag for Tablets was designed and tested to contain the fires given off by laptop computers. There is a gigantic difference between the combustibles in a laptop vs. a the pop of a firecracker. We are the original. Knockoffs tend to trade on price so, which is the only thing their product can offer. You get what you pay for. Please see the video of our bag being tested by the FAA. Which shows the bag containing the explosion, smoke, and fire of a laptop on fire. This bag was designed to deal with such a situation in a realistic manner. Example: If someone had a laptop, or item that uses lithium batteries, on fire…one only has to take the gloves out of the bag, grab the item on fire and place in the bag, pull the pull tab closing the bag.

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