Glowedge - Glowing Wedge

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Glowedge - Glowing Wedge

Glowedge is a unique product with many applications. Designed by a firefighter to maintain an open doorway.

This unique product also glows. When used to wedge a door open it has the added benefit of marking the door by glowing. Glowedge points the way out for firefighters working in a smoke laden environment. Glowedge can be used anywhere a door needs to be kept open. From a safety standpoint its high visibility glowing can prevent trip and falls.

The Glowedge is a small tool that can be used to block/wedge doors(etc.) open so that firefighters can work and move in and out of the structure without having to hold open doors. Also this wedge can prevent a door from closing on a fire hose pinching off the water supply or having a door lock behind you. It can be an aid in ventilation of fire gases and smoke. The Glowedge has several notches for many functions to accommodate different types of doors. With the way this wedge can be used over the hinge of the door, it will not get kicked out of place, although it can be used as a standard door stop because of the shape and design. Always follow your department Standard Operating Procedures on when and when not to wedge doors. Dimensions: 1.5" x 1.5" x 4.125"

The Glowedge is made of plastic for durability and comes in bright colors and also photo luminous style for easy visibility. This much needed tool can be added to your safety equipment you already carry. Being light weight it is easily carried in a coat pocket.

The Glowedge was designed by a firefighter and it will be used primarily by firefighters but available to anyone who wants one.

GloWedge Installation at the Jamb
Properly Installed GloWedge
This image demonstrates a properly installed GloWedge

Installing GloWedge
The GloWedge is first installed sideways between the door and jamb.

Turning the GloWedge.
Next the GloWedge is turned into the hinge. The plastic will not crush but will flex enough to allow installation.

GloWedge is properly installed in the jamb.
The GloWedge has been properly installed and can be left in place.

GloWedge can be left in place.
Once GloWedge has been installed it can be left in place and removed later.

Conventional Installation

GloWedge installed conventionally.
GloWedge is installed under the door slab at the floor. The door is then pulled back upon GloWedge creating a tight wedge keeping the door open.

Use In Piano Hinges
GloWedge installed in piano type hinges.
GloWedge works in piano hinges, unlike conventional wedges that are rigid. Install the wedge sideways to maintain an open door, such as a screen or glass storm door.

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