Groves PPE / Hose Dryer

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Groves PPE / Hose Dryer

The Ready Rack Fire-Station PPE/Hose Drying Cabinet is manufactured with the highest quality materials, and is designed for ease of use and long-lasting durability. The design offers wide flexibility to both warm & dry a variety of items in the fire station environment, with a focus on the need to dry items that cannot be dried using a traditional tumble action dryer.

Unit feature a simple to use touch-sensitive electronic control panel, which is located above the door. The control panel displays and controls temperature and run times. There are five preset temperature options available that are displayed with LED light indicators. The control panel also displays the run time remaining when the unit is in operation. Alarm sounds when drying time is complete indicating cabinet to be in cool mode.

The five heat settings are: Fan, 105F, 120F, 130F & 150F. Maximum temperature based on 70 degree Fahrenheit ambient temperature. A simple touch of the hour and minute time setting pads on the control panel allows users to select the run time in 15 minute increments. Continuous run programming is also available.

Ventilation is at the users’ discretion. However, both units have a 6” diameter opening on the top of the cabinet, if ducted ventilation is desired by the user. Fresh air is allowed to flow in to the unit through an opening located on the top of the cabinet.

  • 80” x 55.5” x 31.5”
  • 545 lbs
  • Electric Connection: 208V–220/240V – 60Hz single-phase 40 Amp Breaker
  • Electric Heating: 6.0 KW Interior Capacity: 63 Cubic Ft.
  • Total Shelf Area: 2 Ft. x 4 Ft. each = 8 Sq. Ft. of single shelf

Standard accessories include:
  • (4) PPE Hangers
  • (2) Boot Hangers
  • (1) Glove Rack which Holds 26 Gloves.

Note: Freight calculation is not included in the price for this item. If you need to know the actual freight cost before placing you order, contact us at 732-502-8060. Otherwise, we will contact you after we receive your order to let you know what the freight cost is to your destination.

* For adequate incoming air & ventilation, it is recommended to have a minimum of 4” of clearance above the top of the cabinet to any ceiling, and at least 2” of clearance from any walls from the back & sides of the cabinet. The minimum suggested enclosed space to install the cabinet within is 84”H x 57.5”W x 33.5”D, if the unit will be used in a confined space (with an open front area only, or a door that can be opened during use).

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