Turtle Plastic Standard Hose Bridge Set - 4 Piece

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Turtle Plastic Standard Hose Bridge Set - 4 Piece

"Easy Over" Hose Jumper

Joiner makes a roadway for most small cars, and forklifts too. It is easy to assemble with unique puzzle shaped pieces fit in any configuration. Patented all stainless joiner locks them tight. 

The Hose Bridge can withstand 14,000 pounds PER axle. This is roughly 28,000 pounds for a 2 axle vehicle; 42,000 pounds for a 3 axle vehicle.

  • The average car can weigh between 2,998 pounds – 5,498 pounds (well below the capacity of our Hose Bridge) 
  • The average light truck or van can weigh between 4,997 pounds – 6,999 pounds (also well below the capacity of our Hose Bridge) 
  • The average large truck (2 axles) can weigh between 7,497 pounds – 12,021 pounds (still considerably lower than the capacity of our Hose Bridge) 
  • The average fire apparatus (with water) will weigh between 28,000 pounds – 50,000 pounds depending on the type of truck. Keep in mind that there are even bigger apparatus’ that have 3 axles and do weigh more. 

  • Low Angle Profile - Fire/Rescue Apparatus, Cars & Heavy Trucks 
  • Low Cost 
  • Recycled Plastic 
  • Wide for Easy Access 
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 14,000 lbs per axle 

  • Utilities: Water, Electrical, Gas, Phone 
  • In Plant Use: Welding Cables, Electrical Conduit, Water, Steam, Hydraulic & Air Lines 
  • Construction Sites 
  • Municipal Sidewalk Repair 

  • Length: 70" 
  • Width: 24.5" 
  • Height: 6.75" 
  • Piece Weight: 52 lbs 
  • Overall Weight: 208 lbs 

Note: The price listed above is for the color Black, yellow like the picture is available upon request an additional cost.

Note: Freight/shipping calculation is not included in the price for this item. There may be additional shipping charges. If you need to know the actual freight/shipping cost before placing you order, contact us at 732-502-8060. Otherwise, we will contact you after we receive your order to let you know what the freight/shipping cost is to your destination.

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