Petrogen Portable Cutting System

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Petrogen Portable Cutting System (PCS)

The Petrogen PCS (Part 6000) is a completely self-contained cutting system. It includes both fuel and oxygen cylinders. We recommend this setup for short-term steel cutting where portability is important.

The PCS will cut:
  • 1/4-inch steel for 25 minutes
  • 1-inch steel for 13 minutes
  • 4-inch steel for five minutes

The fuel tank holds 2 quarts of fuel, which will last for about 1.5 hours of non-stop cutting. Cutting time is limited by oxygen supply.

Rescue personnel can cut steel faster and safer with easily available fuel, regular liquid gasoline.

All the same safety features of the Standard Petrogen Unit are built into the PCS and, of course, the same durability and guarantee of quality.

The PCS can be carried as a back-pack. Loaded weight is under 45 pounds. The unit includes a 23 cubic foot oxygen cylinder (Jumbo D) with the standard industrial CGA 540 valve. If you run short of oxygen you can substitute your normal medical oxygen bottle (Jumbo D) which has the standard CGA 870 valve.

Your medical oxygen bottle can be filled and used with the torch system by installing the included adapter (part 6024) between the bottle and the oxygen regulator (or the filling pigtail).

This system contains the following:
  • #6001 - Plastic carry case, with harness, scabbard, handle
  • #1004 - 20-inch 90-degree torch
  • #0, #81, #83 - (3) cutting tips (recommended sizes)
  • #6005 - 20-foot gasoline hose
  • #6009 - 20-foot oxygen hose
  • #6015 - 2-quart gasoline tank
  • #3013 - (2) gasoline quick disconnects
  • #3102 - Oxygen backflash arrester
  • #3119 - (2) oxygen quick disconnects
  • #4002 - Spare parts kit
  • #4020 - Spark striker
  • #6020 - Protective shaded glasses
  • #6021 - Welding gloves
  • #6022 - Adjustable wrench
  • #6023 - Pigtail for filling CGA 540 industrial oxy bottles
  • #6024 - Adaptor for filling and using CGA 870 medical oxygen bottles
  • #6040 - CGA 540 indistrial oxygen bottle
  • #6041 - CGA 540 industrial oxygen regulator

This system is in use by the following fire-rescue agencies:
Miami (FL), Phoenix (AZ), New York City (NY), Columbus (OH), Green Bay (WI), Salt Lake City (UT), Denver (CO), San Jose (CA), Camden (NJ), Los Angeles City (CA), Atlanta (GA), Washington (DC), Baltimore (MD), Harrisburg (PA), Indianapolis (IN), Charlotte (NC), Memphis (TN), Houston (TX), Fairfax County (VA), Seattle (WA), Oakland (CA), Albany (NY), Yonkers (NY), San Antonio (TX), Alexandria (VA), Little Rock (AR), Tucson (AZ), Mesa (AZ), San Diego (CA), Austin (TX), and many more ... also used by the USAR FEMA Task Force Teams.

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Firmans Dream


This system is awesome!!! I have been working with this system for years in our VFD. I have seen it save lives. Performs great and is the safest torch in the world