Petrogen Core System Package

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Petrogen Core System Package

Petrogen Economy Package Part 200 is a solid workhorse for cutting steel. It contains everything you need to cut steel except for oxygen and oxygen regulator.

The package contains:
  • First Cutting Tip Size: 0
  • Torch Length: 20 inch
  • Torch Angle: 75 Head
  • Oxygen Hose Length: 25
  • Capacity: 1.5 Quarts
  • Hoses, Regulators, And Adapters: Oxygen Backflash Arrestor
  • Second Cutting Tip Size: 0

Why Chose Petrogen?

The Petrogen Cutting Torch is a proven and reliable tool for cutting steel. It is safe and powerful, and delivers an incredible advantage over other steel cutting methods. It is a Oxy-Gasoline (mixture of Oxygen and Gasoline) system, which provides many advantages, including:
  • It is the safest cutting torch available
  • Gasoline is always available and less expensive than acetylene
  • Superior cutting performance
  • Economical
  • Portable and easily transported
  • Made in the USA

Who Uses Petrogen?
Petrogen Cutting Torches are currently being used by: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) teams, Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA), U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Fire Department of New York (FDNY), Lockheed-Martin, and many other agencies.

Who Can Use Petrogen?
Anyone who uses a cutting torch should consider the Petrogen advantage! It’s cheaper, safer and provides better cutting performance. Ideal for USAR teams, fire departments, rescue companies, junk yards, steel scrap yards, auto body shops, fabricators, iron workers, public works, construction, industrial, boat yards, mechanics, demolition, miners, and many more!

Safety Points:
  • The gasoline is from tank to tip. No vapors are present in the Petrogen Torch, so it cannot backflash up the fuel line.
  • The gasoline flame oxidizes steel 100%, so there is no molten steel left after the cut. Sparks are light-weight with little heat, making a much less hazardous work environment.
  • A cut fuel hose immediately activates the fast flow check valve in the tank, which stops the fuel flow instantly. 
  • Surface contaminants are less likely to become airborne due to the highly oxidizing gasoline flame. Especially important when cutting galvanized steel and steel with lead content.

Performance Points:
  • The oxy-gasoline flame jumps air gaps and easily cuts through multiple layers, surface dirt, rust and paint.
  • Petrogen also cuts concrete-backed steel without popping. Safely and quickly punches holes up to 10 inches deep.
  • Cuts steel cleanly on the first pass because of its total oxidization of the steel.

  • Gasoline vs. Acetylene. A 2.5-gallon Petrogen tank of gasoline cuts as much steel as a 250-cubic foot acetylene cylinder. That's $8.00 for Petrogen fuel compared to $80 to $100+ for acetylene.
  • Petrogen tips never clog! The gasoline flame oxidizes all the steel, and no molten steel means no clogged tips. With a little care, a Petrogen tip can last for years.
  • By cutting steel faster, the job is done quicker and the difference in labor and overhead is saved. This is many times more than just the savings in fuel.

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