Lonestar Axe The Piglet

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Lonestar Axe The Piglet

The PIG has a baby brother!!

We are proud to introduce the PIGLET. The PIGLET is 6 lbs and it packs a punch!! It is compact and makes for a perfect 6 lbs personal-carry striking tool or officer's tool.

The PIGLET can be used in all of the ways the PIG can: As a striking tool, to drive a halligan, for breaching, prying, ventilation and much more!

The pike of the PIGLET is thicker and shorter than the pike on the PIG and it has a slight curve that will change where the fulcrum is during prying. The PIGLET does not have a notch and is not intended to be married to create a set of irons.

The PIGLET will be offered on a 28" Nupla slim fit fiberglass handle in tan or black.

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The Piglet is a great officer's tool. It has just enough weight to still drive a halligan bar and the handle is strong enough to pry against while you open walls and decking materials. As an officer I don't carry a set of irons, but this makes a great tool for an extra strike in a confined space and it won't leave me empty handed if I need a rapid forcible exit out of an IDLH environment. I am tall and was a little uncertain about the shorter handle length. After demolishing a commercial fire rated hotel door today... I know the tool still has enough length and heft to get the job done. I will not debate the slightly lighter head weight of the tool... this is a tool with a specific purpose and that for me is using it as an officer's tool where it gets used when needed - and it works very nicely when I do need it. Same quality construction and materials as the Pig (which I have also used)... but this is a smaller tool which is much easier to carry on longer multiple alarm fires and extended scenes.