Theraworx Protect 8oz Foam - Advanced Hygiene and Barrier System

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Theraworx Protect is a topical immune health system used to manage healthcare-associated risks.  It can be used in a variety of applications, including ICU bathing, pre-surgical bathing, post-operative care, total-body bathing, daily urinary health, and as an enhancement to hand hygiene protocols. Non-cytotoxic and non-irritating, Theraworx Protect is safe for the stratum corneum, mucosa, face, and perineum.

Theraworx Protect Foam offers a fast, safe, effective way to cleanse and protect the skin, and support the skin’s natural function. It both sanitizes and also creates a barrier that can last up to 6 hours.  

Product Description:
Theraworx Protect comes in a non-greasy, no-rinse foam that absorbs quickly.

Use Theraworx Protect for ICU bathing, pre-surgical bathing, post-operative care, total-body bathing, and more.

Athletes, Parents, Coaches, Trainers:
Use Theraworx Protect before and after practices and competitions to provide advanced hygiene and support athletes’ natural skin barrier.

Shake well, apply according to the instructions on the bottle, and massage into skin until absorbed. No rinsing needed.

Not intended for oral ingestion. If unintended effects occur, discontinue use. May cause eye irritation. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.

Case is in a quantity of 24 Bottles

Theraworx Skin Hygiene and Advanced Hygiene and Barrier system cleans, supports and protects the skin. 

1. Theraworx Protect Barrier System: The Allantoin/Dimethicone to help protect cracks in the skin. 
2. Theraworx Protect Surfactant System:  Lowers affinity for binding
3. Theraworx Protect Antimicrobial System
4. Theraworx Protect pH System: Lowers pH of the skin

Can this product be used as a hand sanitizer?  Theraworx Protect advanced hygiene can be used in the same manner as hand sanitizers to support the antimicrobial barrier of the skin. What’s more, it’s safe to use on the face, too, including around the “T-zone”— the eyes, nose, and mouth.  (Source:  Theraworx website)

Can this product protect me against the coronavirus?  According to the World Health Organization, "touching your face after touching contaminated surfaces or sick people is one of the ways the coronavirus can be transmitted.” That’s because the eyes, nose, and mouth are portals for infection. Theraworx Protect provides advanced hygiene and supports the antimicrobial barrier of the skin not only for the hands but also the face—and it’s safe to use around the eyes, nose, and mouth.   (Source:  Theraworx website)

* Theraworx Protect has been employed in Academic teaching hospitals all over the country and has been used on the face and body of millions of ICU patients for facial and total body cleansing.

* Theraworx Protect is tested and studied safe for mucosa.

* Theraworx Protect has been studied by the following Medical Institution.
  • University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill College of Medicine 
  • University of Florida Shands Health
  •  Duke University Department of Sports Medicine- Community Health
  • Stanford University
  • Chicago VA- Heinz VA
  • University of Maryland Health
  • St Jude Children’s Hospital
  • University of Louisville Departments of Epidemiology and Infectious Disease
  • St Johns Medical Research Institute

* Studies of Theraworx Protect have been Published in the following Medical Journals
  • American Journal of Infection Control
  • Annals of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology
  • Journal of Patient Care
  • Journal of Emergency Nursing
  • Journal of Sports Medicine
  • Journal of Clinical and Medical Investigations

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