Thread Saver (Bag of 10)

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Thread Saver (Bag of 10)

Thread Saver® helps prevent serious valve thread damage that will disable your SCBA just when you need it most. Thread Saver will save you money, as much as $250.00 to repair your damaged valve body.

Thread protectors are needed for Survivair SCBA, Scott SCBA, Msa SCBA, ISI SCBA, Draeger, SCBA, Interspiro SCBA, Cairns SCBA and North SCBA. Fire fighters swear by Thread Savers® ability to protect their soft aluminum cylinder valve threads.

Thread Saver® provides protection by keeping dirt, dust, mud, grit, sand, snow, ice and water away from your LP or HP cylinder valve threads and valve orifice. All across the country, SCOTT, MSA, SURVIVAIR, etc. users, swear by them. Thread Savers® are inexpensive insurance against serious valve thread damage and the need for costly valve repairs.

Thread Saver® been heat tested to 650°C - 1200° F by an independent laboratory, using the ASTM D 1929 Test Method For Ignition Properties of Plastics, Procedure B. Short Method.

Thread Saver® is not NIOSH, OSHA, MSHA, NFPA, BOM, nor ANSI approved.

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Also used to indicate full bottles


We use thread potectors to protect threads during transport and before use. Everyone on my Dept knows a bottle is full if the cap is on. I used to use caps obtained from a local gas vendor, but these dont get lost since they are attached to the bottle.
<br>You can get away with cheaper options, but you never have to go find more caps when a bottle has these attached.