When Things Go Bad Train the Trainer DVDs

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When Things Go Bad Train the Trainer DVD (5 DVDs)

Firefighter Rescue Disk 1
Disk 1 is the foundation for the When Things Go Bad “FIREFIGHTER RESCUE” series. Learn the multiple ways to apply air on a downed firefighter as well as the numerous procedures to package a firefighter for removal. Are you proficient in packaging when the waist belt does not fit between the firefighter’s legs? Or when the waist belt isn't connected to begin with? What if the air pack has been removed totally prior to your arrival? All remedies are taught including; moving a downed firefighter, the correct way to deploy into a MAYDAY scenario, rope management, window lifts and ladder carries. Disc 1 lays the groundwork for the remaining RESCUE skills found on the additional WTGB training videos that are available for purchase.

Firefighter Rescue Disk 2
Disk 2 provides the solutions when a firefighter is found in situations that will be fatal unless acted upon quickly. Learn how to navigate a firefighter up stairs with three, two, or even one rescuer! What if the downed firefighter needs to descend multiple floors in an efficient manner? Learn how, as well as how to remove a firefighter out of a window that is in a confined space (Denver Drill), how to haul and lower a firefighter out of the IDLH atmosphere in record time, and how to remove a downed firefighter from an upper story window from inside without the presence of a ladder. Learn all these needed RESCUE skills to be prepared for when things go bad!

Firefighter Rescue Disk 3
Disk 3 sets up success in the most precarious of circumstances. Do you or your firefighters know what to do if a firefighter goes down while operating on a flat or peaked roof? All too often firefighters fall into basements due to weaken floor assemblies and become trapped in the basement. Learn how to execute rapid evacuation of your members in these situations while utilizing minimal equipment. While focusing on the rescue itself, we cannot overlook ingress and egress. Utilizing a 6 sided approach to rescue as well as “softening up” the building during our proactive tasks, learn how to create openings to make the scene safer in order to expedite any rescue. This video is a must have to increase your level of efficiency.

Firefighter Survival Disk 4
Disk 4 establishes the “mental safe haven” that every firefighter needs if they plan on going into a burning building. The time to learn how to comprise a MAYDAY or suddenly re-orientate yourself to your surroundings is not when things have gone bad. Learn how to effectively communicate a MAYDAY while under survival stress in realistic conditions. Discover how you can maintain orientation to the burning building as soon as you exit the apparatus until you safely exit the structure. Also taught are reading couplings, skip breathing (when anxiety creeps up), four ways of getting out of entanglement, low profiling, and the notorious “Naked SCBA” drill. Disk 4 is mandatory for all levels of your department.

Firefighter Survival Disk 5
Disk 5 remedies frequent predicaments that firefighters find themselves in when they need to make an imminent life or death decision. Learn how to execute efficient tactics when forced to hastily exit a window due to an increase in fire behavior. Whether there is a ladder or one is absent, the time to come up with a plan is not at the time of need! Achieve successful outcomes after watching this disk as well as learn the art to interior wall breaching, low profiling, dry wall ladder climbing, and the age old question of, “what should I carry in my pockets?” Every firefighter needs to armed with the information on disk 5.

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