Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket - Reusable

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Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket - Reusable

**We are stocking  these items in limited quantities. Orders may take up to 3 months to be delivered**

The most efficient way to isolate and extinguish car fires, even in electric vehicles.

Any car fire is dangerous and toxic. A car fire in a gas station, road tunnel, car park, or passenger ferry can be a disaster. The Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket enables you to contain the flames, smoke and toxic fumes in a car fire in minutes. It's the only solution that can effectively handle fires in electric cars.

The Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket Pro is suitable for professional fire fighters and other organizations that may have to deal with multiple fires. After use, simply rinse the blanket with water, dry it and store it in its Smartbag.

Size: 19.8 x 26 ft.
Weight: 57 lb. 32 oz.

Pro Features:
  • Controls fire in any car within seconds
  • Isolate fire in electric cars
  • Blocks fire in Lithium battery
  • Eyelets around the edges 
  • Can be used in up to 30 car fires 
  • Suitable for all vehicles including SUV's
  • Delivered in a Smartbag
  • Can be used to Protect homes/ buildings

How it works:

Simply Drag the Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket over the burning vehicle to immediately isolate the flames and fumes. The fire will soon extinguish due to lack of oxygen. On electric cars, the lithium batteries will continue to burn even without oxygen or treatment with normal fire extinguishers; the Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket enables you to isolate the fire until trained fire fighters can flood it with water. We recommend that our car fire blankets are removed from the vehicle by professional firefighters only. 

Building protection:

For pro active use on a burning building you may attach the Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket to a wall (before it is burning) creating a firewall making this the last wall to fall due to the block of oxygen from outside. The blanket can either be stapled directly to the wall, hung on metal gutters using carabiners or hung up using fireproof rope through the eyelets on the blanket. 

Why it works better than powder, water or foam:

There are thousands of car fires around the world every single day. Most of them are extinguished using foam or water. But these methods throw toxic fumes into the air and drain hazardous substances into the groundwater. Bridgehill Car Fire Blankets don't. They isolate smoke immediately without spreading toxic fumes or substances - making them safer for people and the environment. 

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