Firefighter Accountability Tools

Accountability is such an important part in managing your personnel at an emergency. Maintaining "PAR" (Personnel Accountability Report) requires discipline by all members. When a PAR check is needed, it is only as good as those members who are doing it correctly and as intended.

All Hands Fire Equipment offers a wide range of firefighter accountability tools, products and solutions. Fire accountability board kits and other products include Accountability Tracking Boards, Accountability Tags and accessories. Some can be customized to your department’s specific needs.

The use of an "Accountability Program" is not just applicable to the fire service or to an emergency service-based organization. We have provided this program and these firefighter accountability tools to summer day camps, boating clubs and various other groups who have a need to track people - personnel, students, employees, etc. Personnel accountability is a very effective program and more importantly, it's easy!

For accountability Instructions download our Accountability 101.

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