Thermal Imaging Cameras

Search and rescue operations can achieve outstanding success rates with the FL360 series—especially its advanced 360 imaging cameras. In addition to the thermal imaging cameras we offer, All Hands Fire also proudly offers the First Look 360 Urban Search And Rescue Kit Long Range (USAR 1 LR) which stands out for its clear image. The clear pixels enable teams to better navigate collapsed structures during rescues. The prowess of the 360 Search Camera doesn’t stop there; the First Look 360 Rapid Search Kit Long Range (RSK1 LR) and Medic Rescue Kit Long Range (MRK1 LR) equally bolster rescue efforts. With a full 360-degree viewing area, wireless functionality, and the ability to accommodate Hardwire Cables up to 300', the FL360 series empowers first responders to evaluate situations rapidly and accurately.

These cutting-edge tools prove indispensable for applications ranging from Urban and Industrial Rescue to High Angle operations and Tactical Operations. At All Hands Fire, we understand that you need to have reliable technology in emergencies. Therefore, you should get better thermal imaging cameras from us.