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Our order tracking, payment options, security and customer service improvements were designed to completely satisfy our loyal, life-long customers and make the experience for the casual shopper a breeze.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Our NEW website has been optimized for the following browsers: Internet Explorer 7 and up, Mozilla Firefox 3 and up, Google Chrome and Safari. 

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Q: I just placed an order online. How long until my order will be processed? 
A: Most orders are processed within 24 hours. In some cases, if the billing address is different from the shipping address, we will contact you to confirm the addresses. We stock many popular items but in most cases, the items will ship to you right from the factory. We ask to allow up to 3 weeks to receive you entire order. 

Q: When I check my order status online, it says pending fulfillment. What does this mean? 
A: When an order says it is pending fulfillment, it means your order has been received and processed. If it says this for more than 24 to 48 hours, it is because the order is shipping from another location, or we are waiting for stock to come in to ship out your order. 

Q: How can I do a return or exchange? 
A: If you follow this link here, you can fill out the return/exchange request form which will go directly to the return/exchange manager. They will review the request to make sure it falls within our 30 day policy. If you go here you can see our return and exchange policy.  

Q: I found a product on your website that I can get less expensive from another company. Will you match or beat their price? 
A: We always welcome the opportunity to match or beat a competitors price. In most cases we are able to do so, however in the event that we can't, we are willing to offer a discount somewhere else. 

Q: I couldn't find an item on your website that I am looking for. Can you get it for me? 
A: We will do whatever we can to get you an item that we don't currently offer. Sometimes, due to territorial restraints, we cannot sell some items. In that case, we will offer you the most comparable item we have. 

Q: I have a paypal account, will you accept paypal for payment? 
A: Yes! We have been offering paypal as payment for some time now. When you go to check out, click on the pay with paypal icon under your shopping cart list. 

Q: I placed an order with paypal, but I cannot log in to check the status of my order. 
A: Our new system requires three simple components to have an account which you can access. Your name, email address and phone number. When you place an order through paypal, the only information transmitted to us (for your security) is your name and email address. We can give you access, however you would need to contact us with your phone number.