New Aggressive Financing Options

Program Details
• Competitive lease rates with LCA Bank Corporation
• FREE proposal generator – create a professional lease quote just by entering an equipment cost
• NEW myLEASE® custom quoting tool available
• Prefunding up to 100% available
• Syndication desk for marginal and start-up credits
• Credit turnaround time of 2 to 4 hours and up to $150,000 application only
• LCA will prepare all lease documents
• Start-up funding up to $25,000
• eSignature lease documents
• Standard and specialized lease programs including LCA’s 12-Month 0% Interest or Zero Down, 90 Days Deferred
• Knowledgeable – over 29 years of financing experience
• Prompt service – dedicated LCA Account Executive and same day funding available
• LCA is a direct funder
• Minimum finance amount is $2,000

what IT IS
myLEASE® is a customized, online financing tool that can be accessed from your website, providing customers a leasing option – 24/7.

what IT DOES
• Real-time estimates
• Request a formal quote
• Apply online in minutes

benefits TO YOU
• Generate quotes in the field on any device
• Online credit submission and decisions within minutes