Bridgehill Fire Blankets

You know what to do when there’s a forest fire—but what about an electric car fire? These blazes aren’t as easy to control as a manual car fire because of their lithium-ion batteries. Due to the tricky nature of electric car fires, firefighters should use a vehicle fire blanket.

The Bridgehill fire blankets are useful in many situations and highly preferred by professional firefighters. And while they’re often used in settings where multiple fires occur, firefighters aren’t the only ones that can use these items.

These blankets come in handy for other ion-powered devices, such as skateboards, scooters, and bikes. When an electric bike overheats, the battery has a thermal reaction, causing the battery to explode. Avoid throwing a jacket over it; use a blanket instead, as it quickly breaks down the build-up of smoke and fumes.

All Hands Fire offers different types of Bridgehill fire blankets, from single-use to specialty sheets, such as the lithium battery blanket.