Fire Suppression for EVs and EV Batteries

Electric vehicles can catch fire, and when that happens, those fires are difficult to extinguish. It could take firefighters between 3,000 to 8,000 gallons of water to put an electric car fire out. Avoid that catastrophe by investing in fire protection for electric vehicles from All Hands Fire—a preferred online distributor offering fire suppression and protection gear for EVs.

An EV fire occurs due to short circuiting, a phenomenon that happens when positive and negative terminals connect to a low-resistance conductor. Drivers of electric vehicles can invest in fire protection to stop their vehicle from short circuiting.

Community emergency services can also use EV fire suppression gear to contain any fires and cool down the car faster, lessening the time it would take to put out the fire and controlling water usage. Find the gear you need to prevent EV fires from All Hands Fire.

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