Cairns 1010 Traditional with ESS Goggles Standard - NFPA

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Cairns® Cairns 1010 Traditional with ESS Goggles - Standard - NFPA

This Standard Configuration Helmet Includes:
  • Flannel Headband Liner
  • Yellow Nomex Earlaps
  • 6-inch Silk Screened Eagle Front Holder
  • Nomex Chinstrap w/ Quick Release and Postman's Slide
  • Reflexite Trim in Lime/Yellow
  • ESS Goggles

The MSA Cairns 1010 Traditional Fire Helmet has the perfect combination of durability and performance. Constructed from through-color fiberglass composite material, the high-performance, luster finish design of the Cairns 1010 Fire Helmet resists cracking and chipping. Offered in eight colors, MSA Cairns 1010 Fire Helmet is one of our most popular for structural and proximity firefighting.

  • Patented shell release system retains the impact cap if your helmet is torn off during an incident, shielding you from heat, debris and projectiles
  • Full brim protection with high-temperature edge trim that will not melt or drip
  • Soft black Nomex chinstrap features one-hand quick-release buckle and postman slide for quick removal and adjustment
  • Replaceable and washable Nomex(R) or PBI/Kevlar(R) earlap for increased neck/ear coverage and protection
  • Replaceable and washable flannel, extended flannel or leather liners
  • Three-position rear ratchet height adjust for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Front headband adjusts so it does not interfere with SCBA mask flange
  • Minimal parts for lower service cost and easier maintenance
  • Replacement warranty

Impact Cap
The NEW impact cap has fewer components, making it easier to maintain and clean, as well as upgrade with the Defender Visor. It also accommodates a wider range of head sizes from 6-3/8 to 8-3/4! The nape strap adjusts for further customization quickly and without the use of tools.

Retractable MSA Cairns Defender® Visor
North America's first (and still the best) NFPA 1971 and ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 impact-rated, integral visor. The Defender Visor was designed with firefighters in mind. The entire lens stows when not in use (so it can’t be lost), and can be deployed the instant it’s needed—even with a gloved hand. Replacement of the lens does not require special tools or disassembly of the helmet. All of these benefits make the Defender Visor the best-selling firefighting eye protection in the market.

Soft Goods
Simple to replace or take out to launder. Kits include mesh laundering bag and are available for various combinations of liners and ear laps with easy to order part numbers for extra soft goods and kits. PBI/Kevlar or Bloodborne Pathogen materials, as well as underchin extension, also available for earlaps.

Helmet Shell
Flexes with impact to absorb energy with a lower profile than many competitors’ helmets. Fiberglass composite can be painted and is available as the 1010 (eight colors). Unpainted shells are available as the 1044 (four colors).

Suspension and Retention Systems
Unique Shell Release System (SRS) helps to ensure impact cap stays on your head if helmet shell is dislodged. Exclusive headband interface provides easy adjustment to fit a variety of SCBAs and provides a deep, stable fit while allowing enough crown clearance for maximum impact protection. Standard in 6-point configuration.

Features & Specifications:
  • New Impact/Thermal Cap: Provides superior thermal and impact protection through an impact-resistant polymer liner covered by a high-temperature, energy-absorbing urethane foam
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Made in the USA: Yes
  • Through-Color Fiberglass Composite Shell (1044–unpainted/1010–painted): Maintains color even after taking a beating on the fireground
  • Available Colors: 1044 – black, yellow, red, white / 1010 – black, yellow, red, white, orange, blue, green, pink
  • Retractable Defender Visor (installed or enabled): Deploys easily when you need it, stores securely inside your helmet shell when you don't. New impact cap comes with upgrade hardware built right in!
  • Shell Release System (SRS): Retain your impact cap, 6-pt suspension system and earlaps if your helmet shell is torn away during a fall or structural collapse
  • Crumple-Zone Front Holder: Absorbs impact forces to help protect your head, neck and spine from injury
  • Adjustable Nape Height: Three ratchet height positions easily adjusted with the nape arm/speedy button mechanism
  • Adjustable Headband Height: Ensures a perfect fit between your helmet and SCBA mask
  • Head Size Accommodated: 6-3⁄8 to 8-3⁄4
  • Embossed Helmet Brim: Oak vine pattern ties the helmet to 180 years of Cairns helmet design tradition
  • D-Ring Helmet Hanger: Fits on large hooks and resists bending
  • Nomex Chinstrap Options: Enhances safety, performance and fit through hi-viz quick-release buckles, optional postman's slide, and hook and loop stowage system. Available in 2-point or 4-point configurations.
  • ARFF Proximity System Available: Yes
  • Compliance: NFPA 1971-2013 (Structural) and NFPA 1971-2013 (Proximity)

Note: Image may not accurately reflect this helmet spec. For any questions, or to inquire about custom helmet options, please email

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