Eflare Helicopter Landing Zone Kit - Red

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Red Helicopter Landing Zone Kit

Eflare Helicopter Landing Zone Kit

Illuminate your skies with our red Eflares, the ultimate red helicopter landing zone kit. Crafted for unwavering luminescence, these beacons of safety shine an red hue that pierces through the dusk and dawn alike, marking your territory with undeniable clarity. This quartet of brilliance is not just an accessory; it's a beacon, ensuring your aerial operations are visible. Whether you're touching down on concrete jungles or rugged terrains, our Red Eflares are your trusted companions for any mission. Light up your landing right with our red helicopter landing zone kit—where every flare is a declaration of prominence.

Introducing the Ultimate Eflare Landing Kit - Your Essential Companion for Safe and Effective Landing Zone Management!

Do you need a dependable and versatile solution for marking landing zones during critical operations? Look no further than our Eflare Landing Kit, meticulously designed to enhance visibility, safety, and precision during landing procedures. Whether managing helicopter landings, emergency response, or any situation requiring precise location marking, this kit has got you covered.

Key Features:

Red Eflares (4 Units):
Illuminate your landing zone with the brilliance of four powerful Red Eflares. These high-intensity LED beacons emit a vibrant red light visible from a distance, ensuring clear and unmistakable marking of your designated area. Day or night, our Eflares guarantee maximum visibility for smooth landings.

Blue Eflare (1 Unit):
Knowing wind direction is crucial for safe landings. Our kit includes a dedicated Blue Eflare to accurately indicate the wind direction, providing critical information for pilots and ground crews alike. This addition ensures precision and safety in your operations.

Wind-Rated Aviation Bases (5 Units):
Keeping your Eflares upright and stable is paramount. Our aviation bases are specifically designed to withstand windy conditions, ensuring your Eflares remain firmly in place. Constructed with durability in mind, these bases provide a secure foundation for your markers.

Convenient Storage Bag (1 Unit):
Organization and portability are at your fingertips with our included storage bag. Safely store and transport your Eflares and bases in this durable, easy-to-carry bag. It's the perfect solution for keeping your equipment organized and readily accessible.

Don't compromise on safety and precision during landing procedures. Our Eflare Landing Kit is the ultimate solution for marking your landing zone and wind direction effectively and efficiently. Equip yourself with the best tools for the job and ensure the success of your operations.

Upgrade your landing zone management today with the Eflare Landing Kit. Order now and experience the difference in safety and efficiency that our kit brings to your operations



  • 4 x UB290R Eflares
  • 1 x UB290B Eflare
  • 5 x Aviation Bases
  • 1 x Storage Bag

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