Line Of Fire From Above Zone Package (LOFFAZ)

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Line Of Fire From Above Zone Package (LOFFAZ)

Introducing the Line Of Fire From Above Zone (LOFFAZ) Safety Kit – your ultimate solution for mitigating potential hazards in elevated work environments.

In any workspace where tools and materials are handled at height, the risk of accidental falls poses a serious threat to both workers and bystanders. The LOFFAZ Safety Kit is meticulously designed to establish a secure area, safeguarding against the dangers of falling objects and ensuring the well-being of all on-site personnel.

Consists of a minimum of:

  • 6 Eflares with cone clips
  • Sleeve's for each cone
  • 3 Cones
  • Cone Bars OR Caution Tape
  • Batteries

What is a LOFFAZ kit?

The LOFFAZ kit was designed to keep people on the ground away from the work at height in case tools or materials fall

Requirements of a LOFFAZ kit

  • Minimum of 3 safety cones, Eflares, and sleeves
  • With Barriers: Cones that support the barrier must have sleeves and at least 1 Eflare
  • Without Barriers: All cones used to create the zone need to have Eflares and sleeves

Who/when you will use the LOFFAZ kit?

  • Power line contracting companies
  • Whenever 2 or more employees are working together where one employee is on the ground and the other is elevated
  • Replacing a wire, tap, cutout, lighting, guards, cross arms

Why is this kit important?

In the power line industry, there have been several incidents where material fell on employees resulting in death or serious injuries.


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