Paratech PRT Percussive Rescue Tool Rescue Kit

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Paratech PRT (Percussive Rescue Tool) Rescue Kit

The PRT is the ultimate emergency service penetrating tool. How can we make such a claim? The slam and ram feature utilizes over 13 inches of stroke which allows you to deliver the same force as a sledgehammer but with pinpoint accuracy. By eliminating the dangerous backswing arc of a hammer blow, 2 things happen: 1. There is no hammer deflection. All of the striking power is delivered to the point of impact. 2. Safety is greatly improved over a wide range of penetrating applications. The PRT kit also includes seven (7) interchangeable bits that can easily be changed depending on your current obstacle. With the correct tool bit the PRT can penetrate concrete masonry, sheet metal and many composite materials. An optional penetrating nozzle can also be purchased for extinguishing engine compartment fires, mobile home fires, aircraft fires, and more. The kit rolls into a self contained pouch weighing only 29 pounds allowing the PRT to be carried to the task. Contact your local Paratech distributor for a demonstration of the PRT's unmatched effectiveness.

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