Pro-Bar Halligan 42-Inch with Celtex Grips

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Fire Hooks Unlimited Pro-Bar Halligan 42-Inch with Celtex Grips

Nowhere else in the United States will you find a forcible entry tool quite like the "Pro-Bar". Developed by a Forcible Entry Instructor of FDNY, this Halligan-type forcible entry tool is the result of years of research and countless interviews with fire chief's and firefighters in FDNY and many other large and small departments located in the eastern sections of the US.

The Pro-Bar (also called a Halligan bar, Halligan tool or simply Halligan) is a special tool commonly used in the fire and rescue service. It was designed by and named after Hugh Halligan, a First Deputy Fire Commissioner in the New York City Fire Department. The Halligan is a multipurpose prying tool consisting of a claw (or fork), a blade (or adz), and a pick, which is especially useful in quickly breaking through many types of locked doors. The adz (An edge tool used to cut and shape wood) or fork end of the tool can be used to break in through an outward swinging door by forcing the tool between the (A swinging or sliding barrier that will close the entrance to a room or building or vehicle) door and doorjamb and prying the two apart. Along with the K-tool and the adz or fork end a lock can easily be pulled. There are many other uses of the Halligan tool, including vehicle rescue and opening of walls. A Halligan bar and an axe can be joined together to form what is known as a married set, or set of irons.

Message from the manufacturer: The Pro-Bar is the only Halligan type tool used by the the New York City Fire and Police Departments for the last 30 years. It is carried by every Engine, Ladder, Rescue and SOC Unit in the F.D.N.Y. It is also carried by every Unit in the Emergency Services and the Highway Patrol. The specifications by the New York City Fire Department is rigid, calling for a one piece drop forged Halligan with the Pro-Bar design. The Pro-Bar specifications is used by the F.D.N.Y. to meet that requirement. Others have tried, but failed. The Pro-Bar has a record of excellence without failure 30 years. What other tools could boast this record? Bob Farrell, Captain E-82-L-31 F.D.N.Y. Retired

Halligan History:
Halligan is much more than the name of one of the most versatile of firefighting tools. The tool's namesake was a fireman who made more that a name for himself. Hugh A. Halligan was appointed a New York City Firefighter on June 16, 1916 and was assigned to Engine Company 88. Halligan's career was interrupted by service in the army during World War I. Upon his return, he was assigned to Engine 35 and worked there until he was promoted to Lieutenant on April 16, 1922. The new officer worked in Engine 22 for two years before he was promoted to Captain on February 1, 1924. He commanded Engine 86, 82, 35 and 73 before being appointed a Battalion Chief on June 1, 1929. On October 1, 1934, two weeks after his 40th birthday, Hugh Halligan reached the rank of Deputy Chief. Commissioner Patrick Walsh appointed Halligan First Deputy Fire Commissioner on August 20, 1941. He had risen from the ranks and became one of the top men on both sides of the command structure in just 22 years. It is the tool Chief Halligan designed, refined and manufactured that virtually gave him fire service immortality. Every curve, corner and dimension of the tool was studied and changed many times by the "trial and error" method. The result was a tool that could be held in one hand; one that would not chip or break at crucial moments; would not fatigue a firefighter; and could be used with safety and full efficiency. Today, this tool is an "industry standard".

Note: (Information obtained courtesy of Paul Hashagen, FDNY Rescue 1, Ret.)


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