Restube Lifeguard

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Restube Lifeguard

Developed in collaboration with esteemed organizations such as the SLRG, German Lifeguards (Wasserwacht), and RLNI, the Restube Lifeguard is meticulously engineered by German experts to meet the rigorous demands of professional lifeguarding. Crafted from premium materials, it stands as an indispensable component of any lifeguard's rescue arsenal, offering swift and reliable support in critical situations.


  • Inflates within seconds with a single pull of the trigger wire, which also functions as a safety whistle.
  • Equipped with a replaceable CO2 cartridge (1 included) for consistent performance.
  • Alternatively, inflation can be achieved via a mouthpiece for added versatility.
  • Signal-yellow design for high visibility in water environments.
  • Provides a buoyancy of 75N (approx. 7kg), ensuring adequate support for victims' heads above water.
  • C-shaped design with a safety lanyard facilitates easy attachment to the victim, enhancing rescue efficiency.
  • Features a high-visibility reflector for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Compact design allows for easy storage in a robust case, ensuring readiness for deployment.
  • Supplied with an interchangeable belt for convenient horizontal or vertical carrying around the hip, featuring a quick-release buckle for swift access.
  • Designed exclusively for trained professional lifeguards, meeting the standards set by regulatory bodies.
  • Tested and approved by the SLRG (Swiss Life Saving Society) for superior performance and reliability.


  • Not a Coast Guard-approved life vest.
  • Does not provide protection for unconscious individuals.
  • Functions as a flotation buoy for conscious individuals, enabling easier swimming and resting.
  • Professional training and adherence to safety protocols are essential when using the Restube Lifeguard. It is not a substitute for professional rescue training or equipment.


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