The World's Strongest Coat Hanger

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The World's Strongest Coat Hanger

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People don't usually give much thought to "coat hangers", but take a look at this product. The Worlds Strongest Coat Hanger is a unique coat hanger that can hold a wide variety of items. You are not just hanging a garment – you are protecting your investment or your important sentimental item, when other hangers will just break. These may include turnout gear, auto racing flame suit, wedding dress, leather coat, ski suit, wet suit, children’s school backpack, hunting gear, motorcycle leather wear, and much more. 

“The World’s Strongest Coat Hanger” is not just a great item for every home. It makes a great gift. Everyone has a need for a strong hanger. This heavy duty hanger is strong and durable.

What can heavy duty hangers be used for?

  • Firefighters - Turnout Gear, Boots, Gloves
  • Police - Gear, Body Armor, Tactical Equipment
  • Military - Gear, Body Armor, Flak Jackets
  • Hunting - Heavy Outdoor Gear
  • Surfers - Wet suits
  • Divers - Wet suits, Dive Vests, Weight Vests
  • Fishing - Waders, Outdoor Gear
  • Welders - Protective Aprons, Gear
  • Athletes - Pads, Gear, Uniforms
  • Auto Racing - Protective Suits
  • Motorcycle / ATV - Pads, Gear, Helmet
  • Mechanics - Coveralls
  • Public Works / Maintenance - Coveralls, Gear
  • Utility Workers - Protective Equipment, Gear
  • Heavy Backpacks
  • Blankets / Quilts
  • Wedding Dress
  • Ski / Snow Suit
  • Auto Racing Flame Suit / Helmet

“The World’s Strongest Coat Hanger” is constructed of polypropylene – a soft plastic that is not rigid or abrasive against garments. This material allows the hanger to be flexible and shatter resistant. Its I-Beam construction makes it strong and have a shear (breaking) strength of 112 lbs.  It is 19" x 11.75” and weights 8.3 oz. 

Case of 40 available in all colors

Protect your equipment.

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Tough hanger is tough


This thing is super strong. I have one to my friend for his bday and he hangs his body armor on it. If you have something heavy to hang up this is for you.