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Importance of Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment

Are you currently a firefighter or working on becoming one? Safety is critical in this job—here's the importance of firefighter personal protective equipment.

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Safety first. It’s a slogan that we’ve all heard, but it’s a declaration for firefighters. With all the scenarios these individuals face, the danger is unavoidable. With that said, no firefighter can help their community without protecting themselves first. Here’s the importance of firefighter personal protective equipment.


It’s inevitable to avoid dangerous situations as a firefighter; if you try to avoid them, you should find a different career. There are several injuries that firefighters could

face such as burns, chemical reactions, smoke inhalation, and so on. Luckily over time, firefighter personal protective equipment (PPE) has improved from the original equipment or lack thereof. For example, the first fire helmet came about in the 1700s, and it was leather. Not until over a century later did the helmet have a hard crown, similar to what we know today. In addition, PPE has innovated and improved. There have been changes such as breathing masks, fire-resistant boots, and other turnout gear.

Peace of mind

Another reason for the importance of firefighter personal protective equipment is confidence and peace of mind on the job. This not only applies to yourself but also your family. Everyone knows that firefighting is a hard and dangerous job—especially our loved ones. Having the right equipment to protect yourself makes your family feel more comfortable when you’re at work, but it also protects you of course.


Without adequate protection, firefighters would be much less likely to make rescues. Regardless if you have all of your gear on or not, it takes courage to run into a burning building to help someone. However, protective equipment makes it a little easier.

Being a firefighter is a courageous, and dangerous career, but they’re necessary. And while it’s dangerous, there have been numerous advances in personal protection for firefighters. It’s critical for all firefighters to wear their equipment obviously for their own safety, but also to effectively conduct rescues. This is all possible because the equipment provides you, and your family, peace of mind.