Barricade II Fire Blocking Gel

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Barricade II Fire Blocking Gel

Barricade II Fire Blocking Gel liquid fire gel has been approved for use by the U.S. Forest Service and is totally free of toxic NPE's, ammonia phosphates and petroleum distillates. Barricade II is the only fire chemical of any kind to have received the "Champion Award" from our nation's EPA. Barricade II has been nominated for the Presidential Green Chemistry Award.

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  • 4 Gallon Container
  • 5 Gallon Bucket
  • Home Kit - Case of (4 Containers) Barricade Fire Gel - 1 gallon container each & an Instructional DVD

Note: The Home kit will cover approximately 2,000 square feet of protection. Each Gallon will cover approximately 500-700 square feet. You may want to consider spraying brush, foliage, wood decking, trees, propane tanks, etc. Keep Barricade Fire Gel on hand!

The threat of wildfire is a major concern to more and more homeowners as construction of homes moves into the Wild Land Urban Interface. Periods of drought are frightening times for residents of suburban and rural areas across the country, including the Northwest. For those of us who live near natural areas of brush or forest the dry seasons are especially hazardous. Experts advise us to plan fire wise landscapes of widely spaced plantings (at least a 30 foot radius of "Green Zone" around the house), keeping dry combustible plant debris cleaned up, and maintaining low, well watered ground covers and lawns. There is a further step we can take for home defense in order to stop wildfire from destroying our property.

Barricade Fire Gel has saved hundreds of homes in the United States, earning the gratitude of property owners in California, Montana and South Dakota, where firefighters have “Barricaded” homes and businesses ahead of the approaching flames. Barricade is now available to homeowners who can apply the water/gel coating on their own property in front of an approaching wildfire, before retreating to a safe area.

When mixed with water at the end of a garden hose, super absorbent polymers in the gel concentrate trap water molecules and suspend them in millions of tiny “bubbles.” Sprayed onto the flammable surfaces of roofs, windows, eaves and walls of a house, vehicles, or propane tanks, a “wet blanket” wrap of Barricade can be applied up to 24 hours before an approaching wildfire. Homeowners can evacuate safely, and firefighting resources can be focused on the wildfire rather than on the already protected structures. Barricade can be washed off with plain water after the fire danger has passed.

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