Retractable Search Line

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Retractable Search Line

RIT Safety Solutions Retractable Tag Line contains 20 or 50 feet of 6mm Kevlar over Polyester rope with a large steel non-locking quick snap hook. The rope is set into a retractable metal casing that is secured in an flame resistant pouch made of Indura cotton. This Self-Retracting system is designed to attach to the users SCBA or harness by an aluminum non-locking carabiner attached to the Indura pouch.

During a Rope Assisted Search, their hands are free. No need to manage the rope or keep tension. They retractable tag line will do all of the work.

The 20 foot Retractable Tag Line is designed to work in conjunction with our Group Search Kit. The Group Search Kit allows firefighters to perform a search much quicker, more systematic and with more accountability.

  • 6mm Kevlar over Polyester Rope has a tensile strength of 4,200 lbs
  • Snap Hook is non-locking and has a tensile strength of 700 lbs.
  • Retractable canister is not rated and should not be used to support weight in a vertical setting. 

Unofficial tests have found that the unit may hold approximately 300 lbs.

All Hands Fire Equipment & Training offers a class that covers the Groups Search Kit and Retractable Tag Lines.  This is our Rope Assisted Search class. For details email us at

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