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All Hands Fire Equipment is Green!!

We are doing our part to reduce our Company’s Carbon Footprint. Here is a list of ways All Hands Fire Equipment is working towards being 100% GREEN:
  • ● Utilizing 100% Renewable and Clean locally produced high quality wind power that provides our facility with all our energy needs.
  • ● Our Product Guide is 100% Green. It is printed with soy ink on paper containing 100% post-consumer (PCW) fiber. It is 100% recyclable. Fiber for paper-making was obtained from a responsible well-managed forest, is elemental chlorine free (ECF) and was produced using bio gas energy. The soy oil content of the ink has replaced petroleum-based oils.
  • ● With our New System, we use 90+% Less Paper.
  • ● In-House Recycle Program for Glass, Plastic, Metal and the remaining Paper we do use.
  • ● We Re-use all shipping and packing materials.
  • ● We buy and salvage Used Racks, Office Furniture, and Displays to eliminate them ending up in Landfills.
  • ● And continuously working with our Vendors and Partners to be more efficient and environmental…