Firefighter Escape System Gemtor Lumbar Bag For Petzl Exo

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$194.99 to $237.99

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Firefighter Escape System Gemtor Lumbar Bag For Petzl Exo

All Hands Fire Equipment is a leading provider of Firefighter Escape Systems.  We have equipped and trained thousands of firefighters!We are pleased to offer a new durable and more comfortable Firefighter Escape Systems Carry Bag - the Firefighter Escape System 557 Lumbar Bag. 

This 557 Lumbar Bag offers a more ergonomical way to wear your Firefighter Escape System by distributing the system in a larger storage area that sits across a firefighters back on the waist strap of their harness.

The 557 Lumbar bag is compatible with most external Class II harness brands.  It was originally designed to be used with the Petzl EXO Personal Escape System, but works with other systems such as the Sterling F4 and RIT Rescue System.

Features Include:

- Adjustable attachment for different body styles
- Provides for reduced width profile for better mobility
- Balances escape system across users back
- Removable protective flap that covers the Anchor Hook
- Unique system to hold hook secure until needed while allowing rapid deployment of the escape system
- Fits in area below SCBA cylinder valve and does not interfere with SCBA operation
- Allows escape system carabiner to be in position to attach to harness D-ring (of Gemtor 541NYC harness)
- Attachment straps provide two levels of security to ensure that the bags remains attached to harness
- Descender is isolated from rope to avoid abrasion
- Unique rope pack method ensures smooth exit of rope from bag


- 557C = Made of Cordura
- 557FR = Made of PBI, Arashield, Kevlar
- Choose bag for either a "Right" or "Left" side closing harness
- Rope capacity of 7.5mm Rope is 50-feet
- Attachment Method is Velcro and Snaps
- Weight - Cordura 2 lbs. / FR 2.5 lbs.

The 557 Lumbar Bag is the ideal "upgrade" or "replacement" for your Firefighter Escape Systems bag.  

Right Handed Options are only available in 12+ quantities.  Contact

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